Frequently Asked Questions

What if the buyer has an agent?

YOU are in control! As the home owner you can choose to work with no agent, one agent, or 2 or more agents when selling your home.  If the buyer has an agent representing them, you can have the buyers pay for their own representation. If they choose to pay and have their own representation, you can hire your agent for just 2% to represent you exclusively. Remember, there are typically over 100 documents in a transaction. You NEED your own representation should you choose to work with an agent representing the buyer.

Little known fact

When you sign a listing agreement you are literally paying the buyer’s agent commission who is working against your interest as part of the fee! They want a lower price and better terms for their buyer, and you are paying them to negotiate against you! With, the agent acts as a “dual agent” which is a neutral position between both parties. Don’t pay someone to negotiate against you! Choose It’s the better way to sell.

If I can’t find a buyer in the time frame I need, what are my options?

At anytime you can opt for a full listing including entry in the Realtor MLS and other marketing services provided by agents. Your agent is a licensed Realtor and will assist you with a full listing. The full listing fee is negotiable however it is usually between 5%-7%.

How easy is it to market my home?

Today’s sellers have a huge advantage with Zillow and the “for sale by owner” category. Zillow is the #1 real estate website for home searches and 98% of buyers search online. Almost every active buyer will see your home on Zillow. A sign in the yard is also very effective for most homes located in neighborhoods or in proximity to other homes that are for sale. Buyers will be driving by your home to see other homes for sale in the area. The professional sign template provided by your agent directs buyers to go to Zillow for more information or they can contact you directly if you put your phone number on the sign. 

What are my total Realtor fees? 

1% if you find the buyer and use the agent to process the sale. The buyer also pays just 1% and the agent is a “dual agent” which is a neutral position between the buyer and seller.

2% if you allow the buyer to use an agent to represent them and you want exclusive representation from your agent. In this situation you would instruct the buyer to pay their own agent’s commission.  It makes sense that the buyer pays their own agent commission rather than you paying them to negotiate against you! 

You can also choose to pay the buyer’s agent commission and not use your agent but then you are typically paying more and receiving no benefit of representation for the largest financial transaction most people make in their lifetime.

Are there any contracts with

No! There is no contract with your agent. When you find a buyer the agent completes the purchase contract and designates who represents who in the transaction with an Agency Disclosure Form. There is no contract or obligation to use a agent. However the home sale process is very complicated and one wrong decision can cost you much more than 1%. was designed specifically to offer the most cost effective way to sell your home while still utilizing the services of a licensed real estate professional to guide you through the process.